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At SpokeGuard Art Plus we understand that we all have a voice and a need
to be heard. SpokeGuard Art Plus was founded with the goal of helping people express themselves. SpokeGuard Art Plus now offers you a better way to customize your wheels and spread your message. Whether the wheels are
on your your Wheelchair, your Automobile or your Bike or you need to say
it larger than life with a sign, we will design and create Custom SpokeGuards,
Car Magnets and Banners especially for you, your personality, and your
occasion.  Choose from hundreds of designs or create your own. 
We encourage you to express yourself and let your personality
shine through.



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Car Magnets and Banners

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Spinning Spoke Guard

It's awesome to see how our work has made it around the country. We also found affordable sign letters which allowed us to create some really sweet designs. It doesn't take long for people to realize how much we care about the service we provide. This will continue on and never change, it's the business we're in.