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Please check back in the next few weeks!
Spoke Guard Art is undergoing some serious changes which will result in us having more designs at better prices.

  What Is Spokeguard ArtTM?
    "Spokeguard Art is what every wheelchair needs, especially if someone spends as much time in it as I do in mine. I have people commenting on my spoke guards all the time and some look to see what I will put on my chair next."
     -- Lisa Miljevic, Founding Member

Spokeguard Art Mailing List:   If you would like information about new Spokeguard Art and special offers to be emailed to you (no more than once every couple of weeks), please type in your email address and click the button.

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     "Just wanted to say thanks for the dolphin spoke guards. They arrived last Friday, and Marcia loves them. She likes the motif and the color match in the pink is very close to her chair color."

     -- Gunnar and Marcia

"I am always getting comments on my custom spoke guards from Spokeguard Art."

     -- Ralph

     "The spoke guards arrived a few minutes ago and we LOVE them! Thanks so much...Take care, keep up the good work and we will get a picture taken soon."

     -- Pat

It's awesome to see how our work has made it around the country. We also found affordable sign letters which allowed us to create some really sweet designs. It doesn't take long for people to realize how much we care about the service we provide. This will continue on and never change, it's the business we're in.